Blaumut – Vent que mou el temps

  • Blaumut - Vent que mou el temps

Music video for Blaumut “Vent que mou el temps”

Blaumut is one of Catalonia’s leading bands, and are well known for their poetry and abstract imagery.
There are various concepts behind the “Vent que mou el temps” video (wind that moves time). It was shot in one single take of 34 seconds and in a straight line, representing a common vision of time in our society, travelling from left to right.

All the scenes happening in the shot are inspired or directly taken from past videos of the band, representing their evolution and experiences over the years.

Catalan speakers will be able to appreciate that all the actions in the video are synced with the lyrics of the song. As an example, the passage when the water balloons fall from the sky and explode before going back up  corresponds to the following words: “While thoughts fall and are unleashed with the power of a drip of water falling upside down”… And as they fall back down the second time “One, two, three, those are the last drips there is nothing else”…